That was the beginning

The library in Luzino started its activity in 1936. This institution was created by merging the book collections of the Society of Insurgents and Soldiers and the Catholic Youth Association. The modest book collections of TPiW and KSM were supplemented by the inhabitants of Luzin. The initiator of the collection of books was Józef Wilczek - a local forester, prof. Gerard Labuda and Feliks Dampz. By September 1939, 400 volumes had been collected in the Luziń library. Initially, it was located in the house of Franciszek Rybakowski, who donated one room for library purposes for free; then in the Jan Jankowski building. Feliks Dampz became the first librarian.

When the war broke out, Feliks Dampz, risking his life, hid the library collection, moving it from the house of Jan Jankowski (now Mr. Bertrand), occupied by the Germans, to the auditorium under the stage; then, together with Józef Grabowski (then organist), they placed the books under the vault of the Catholic church.


What's next?

When in 1940 priest Gończ was arrested and taken to Oranienburg, Feliks Dampz, fearing that the Germans would find the hidden book collection, distributed the books among trusted residents of Luzin.

After the war, F. Dampz, then working as a clerk at the Commune Office, started collecting the saved books.

At that time, the library was located in the Commune Office, and from 1947 to 1956 in rooms rented from Feliks Rybakowski (Ofiar Stutthofu Street).

For the next years it was with Anastazja Jasiewicz and Jadwiga Semak, and from 1967 the library was placed in the renovated building of the Commune Office (now GOK). The book collection already numbered over 5,000. volumes. It was supplemented by the County Public Library in Wejherowo, from 1975 by the Provincial Public Library in Gdańsk, and from 1992 by the Commune Self-government.

The last move of the library was made in 1977 to a renovated Evangelical church.


Leon Roppel is our patron

The book collection at the end of 2010 amounted to 39,244 volumes.

The library managers were: Feliks Dampz 1936-1939, Regina Maszota 1946-1951, in the years 1951-1955 Franciszka Majkowska, sister of Aleksander Majkowski - a famous Kashubian writer and activist. Then Danuta Pielowska, Janina Sikora, Danuta Gołuchowska, from 1960 to 1990 Helena Kotłowska, and from 1990 Maria Krośnicka.

Knowing the long history of the library, the Commune Council in Luzino decided to honor the Second Kashubian Congress by resolution No. XX / 140/92 of May 22, 1992, to name the library after Leon Roppel.

The contractor for the design of the commemorative plaque was the visual artist Wawrzyniec Samp, and the casting was made by the cizier and foundry workshop of L. Ciemniejewski and M. Wojcieszak from Jarocin.

The ceremony of awarding the Municipal Public Library to them. Leon Roppel and the plaque was unveiled on June 12, 1992.