Back to the old house

The series "Old House" prepared by Ilona Gołębiewska tells the story of Alicja Pniewska, who returns to her hometown after many years to discover its innermost secrets.

Alicja Pniewska is 37 years old. Her husband abandoned her, she lost her lucrative job, she had to leave the comfortable apartment. Escaping the demons of the past, he finds refuge in his family home in the picturesque village of Pniewo. Surprising events, extraordinary people and the mystery of years ago will put her life to the test.

One ghastly night, Alicja meets Dziad - the legend of events that shook Pniewy several decades ago. He receives from him the diary of his grandfather Jan, which describes the hell of war in it. In addition, Alicja finds a letter in an old wardrobe in the attic, which will reveal the secret of the past to her. There is a crack in the image of her family, which was so far perfect. The tragic fate of little Michałek will change Alicja's approach to life, and love will demand her at the least expected moment. Will the truth about the family's past allow them to find their happiness with the chosen man?

A real, shocking and suspenseful book about the power of human desires and dreams. It gives faith and hope that it is never too late to build your life anew. It transfers to the world of childhood memories, i.e. a place that has a special meaning in the heart of every human being - the family home.

The above description is provided by the publisher.

The library offers 3 volumes of the series: "Return to the Old House", "The Secret of the Old House" and "The Diary of the Old House".

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